Marine Partners - Marine Assurance and Risk Management Application
Procedures & Work Plans
Blue balled items are operational procedures of informative type.
Green balled items are work plans adhered to, more than 30 days until due date, and everything in order. No action required.
Orange balled items are work plans that expire within 30 days, and some action must be planned. Email notice sent.
Yellow balled items are work plans that expire within 14 days, and need some action before due date. Email warning sent.
Red balled items are work plans that are overdue, expired, and need immidiate action.

1.0 Marine GRC Assurance (Governance, Risk & Compliance) Cloud Application (SAS)

The table you see above is how the 'trafic lights' is to be interpreted for the GRC application, status for procedures, instructions, information, etc. All targeted users must digital sign and/or comment all the triggers they recieve by email. If the targeted people based on roles, are not responding, the trafic light remains in red, and comes to green when correct procedure are followed. With this application management assure that relevant procedures, instructions and information have been read and followed up by personnel or targeted group of personnel, and documented by historic records.

This website is only meant to give a brief overview of Marine Partners GRC application.

All our tools for GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance), risk management and marine assurance is programmed in Lotus Notes, and can be run locally or on web as Software As Service (SAS), where the local database installation is replicated and syncronized automatic at given times. Your data is protected by username and password. You grant privileges to who can login, read and/or write. There is never any danger for your data as it is stored locally, but shared globally in the Cloud with project team and management with the highest security, and role based with pre-defined view/write permissions.

This is a cloud based management tool to secure Compliance, both to management policies and laws & regulations, and to control and manage risk. Available to all innvolved in the team onshore and offshore. With just a click of the mouse management can see with a glance what the status is (trafic lights).

The applications force is to through de-centralized collaboration also remind the users of upcoming actions needed from their side, triggered by due dates according to pre-defined annual plan, or for urgent matters that needs action. Every time there is a change in and update of procedure or work plan, email notification is sent to all persons with roles and function of that document. No need to remember everything; email notifications, and "trafic lights" online, gives the users a fast and organized overview of upcoming works, new or updated procedures, reporting requirements, etc..

On signing up, you will have a login direct into the database, with all the capabilities described herein, and more. Only yourself and the readers you give privileges will be able to read or alter your data, as your database copy is for you only, and placed on a dedicated server. Click on Login above, or the menu items on the top left to see a short description of some of its capabilities.

The user interface design (what you see), is about as you see it in the application itself here, but with your own logo on top left, printouts, etc. The form for registration of items is here.

We are offering this application on an annual subscription basis, on dedicated server. Backup every night also on the central server for your datas security.

2.0 Risk Management Application (SAS)

Often forgot major issues in HIRA (HAZID and Risk Assessments), remembered it first when you come back to the office after a long journey to attend the HIRA meeting?

No more need for expensive flights, travel around the world to do HAZID or risk assessment. Now we meet and collaborate in the Cloud, and do the QRA/HRA in peace and quit from the comfort of our own office chairs. No long flights, no hotels, no jetlags. This is history. Whatever location in the World, onhore or offshore, we gather the group and get everybodies involvement, documented. You will have as many days to contribute as the facilitator/Risk Manager for the HAZID or the assessment allows.

When done the assessments, all hazards and risks is saved online for re-use in the Risk Register, and as template for the next similar operation, and/or can be downloaded in Excel and/or PDF format for your local files.

2.1 Workflow

Company assessment facilitator/risk manager;

1. Get an account with Marine Partners.
2. Make users/participants from inside or outside of your own organization/Company.
3. Upload documents and images for the participants in the application.
4. Define the framework, risk level, timescale and participants.
5. Upon Saving the new risk assessment, an email notification will ble sent autumatical to all the invited participants.
6. Participants give their inputs/follow-up within the timeframe defined. Every new addition gives a email notification to all, to give their response to the input.
7. Facilitatior / Risk Manager will close and distribute when all issues are in the Green trafic light, or gain approval from top level senior Company management if any have to be left in the Yellow (medium) risk area.

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