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40' gentlemans yacht cruise business in Arctic

40′ gentlemans yacht cruise business in Arctic

September 12,2017 Jarle Johansen 0comments

Private exploration and expedition yacht. We own this yacht today, but it is rigged for daycruises for < 12 passengers. In order to be used in the arctics it needs some upgrades. Buy a share of the owner company of this gentlemans yacht and have the right to use it or earn potential profit for renting it out in the cruise market at Svalbard or other cruises.

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Tailormade trips at Svalbard, Lofoten and the Fjords of Western Norway. Excellent also for diving expeditions and photo safaris. Svalbard for the summer season. And Lofoten in the winter season (fishing and whale safari). Arctic hunting safaris and river fishing can be arranged where possible. Solid boat built in steel, 40 feets long. Speed about 10 knots.

3 cabins, 2 baths. Messroom. Galley. Bridge saloon. Aft deck. Flybridge.

For now it’s interior is for day cruises for up to 12 paxes in the fjords around Aalesund, west Norway, but we would like to rebuilt interior to a more exclusive style with 2 double pax cabins. 4 adults + 4 children for liveonboard during the vacation for family and friends, 5-6 adults should be ok + skipper, and needs investor to make this happen.

The boat will be sold into the new joint owner company. Present owner company keeps the management as per agreement.

The minimun investment of € 4000 is for one week annually use by the co-owner (investor). There are 20 weeks available (for now). You can use it yourself, or you can let family, friends or business associates use it, you are welcome to take payment for others to use your week.

It is possible for one -1- investor to take the full 50% share and have the right himself or family, friends or others to use or rent out the yacht for their own profit for 6 months per year, less needed maintenance time.

The minimum investment of 4000 € is what normally is paid for one person in one week with other cruise liners at Svalbard cruises. Here you can bring all your family or friends for the same price as for one person, and free to explore and see what you want, not any fixed initiary.

The yacht will be owned by a limited share company (AS), and fully technical and crew management by a management company. The owner company must cover the expences for the marina place and maintenance, and if the owner company lacks funds, a maximum of 5000 € annually may be contributed by each 50% share, or annually per week share € 250 (€ 5000 / 20 weeks). When the yacht is not in use by the owners, it is offered in the market to cover maintenance and lay-up (marina costs).

As for owner use, the only additional cost is for renting a Captain what manager will provide (Option: Cook/OS), bunker and provisions. The management company will take care of all this for you and / or your guest users.

Hopefully all co-owners will help marketing and send paying guest/clients to rent the boat, than no extra maintenance contribution will be needed. You are fully entitled to sell your share anytime you want to any price you want, but the management company have the first right to buy at nominal price (purchase price).

The boat have all safety and rescue equipment needed and all amenities for comfortable living onboard, as well as full navigation equipment. Dinghy with outboard to get ashore where not possible to berth the yacht.

Deal, or no deal?

Brgds. Capt. J. Johansen


(This videos are not mine, but is from people who wants to share their experience from the area of what can be seen and done)

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Disclaimer / refund

Subject we agree on project details, and subject you are happy with the joint owner-company statutes, and if the full investment amount is not reached or any other reasons, we reserve the right to return the investments and cancel.You can come look at the boat and try it, and if you are not happy with the boat or the company statutes or other, you are welcome to cancel.

Minimum co-ownership are € 4000. Leave your email adress and we get in touch, or call us.

If the project is overfunded, we reserve the right to cancel and return investment.


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